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response to Palestine

A real dystopia

By Ella Hughes Age – 12 – 13 years old I live in a world The problem is it’s real A dehumanised state I cannot be late Before the bombs start dropping. The problem is… Read More »A real dystopia


By: Lucy Catley Age: 12 – 13 From dark to night, I hide from the light Scared for my life, Scared of the knife Boom, boom go the bombs, I have to keep calm, 1,2,3,… Read More »Breathe

The Snowflake

By: Elijah Keedwell Age: 12 – 13 As the sun rose over the land, ready to scorch the earth and its inhabitants, the children cried out for relief from the sweltering rays but none came.… Read More »The Snowflake

My Poem

By: Ollie Hill Up in the war ridden sky Higher than the bee does fly There lies a glimmer of hope Only seen by a telescope But not invisible Only unseen by the naked eye… Read More »My Poem


By Grace Jarrett Rawlence Age: 13 Light comes at dawn Light comes at dusk But dawn always takes longer to come. These long dark days Spent sitting, waiting For something to happen, But no spark… Read More »Light

The Bird

By: Harry Seath There was a bird white with fear It could not fly in the sky, oh dear. It’s colour and size Were majestic to the eyes If only the bird was not so… Read More »The Bird

Dusk and Dawn

By: Agatha Tweedie Age 12 – 13 Dusk falls as the shadows lose the outlines of the houses; The rubble covering the ground; The walls gone from a family home And in that home, the… Read More »Dusk and Dawn

Hope and Memory

By: Rhiannon Ashby As the dust gains cover Your fallen brothers You must say this last goodbye. Night is now falling So ends this day, In sorrow and toil And your homes far away Sleep… Read More »Hope and Memory